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The purpose of One God Worship is to explore what the Bible teaches about the One God.  In our examination we will discover that sometimes Church tradition is at odds with Scripture.

How to get the most out of this website

The blog posts are listed chronologically,  but can also be accessed by category.  In addition, there is a tab at the top called “Common Verses” if you are looking to explore a specific verse or group of verses.  We encourage you to read each post in its entirety even if it challenges your tradition.  May we all be like the citizens of Berea who, when challenged by the teachings of the apostle Paul, turned to the Scriptures to see if what he was saying was true (Acts 17:11).  We humbly ask that you would do the same with any idea presented here that is not in keeping with your current view.  After all, Scripture can withstand scrutiny.  The question is, can our doctrines? 

What We Believe


I was raised in the Church and as an adult became a faithful member, Sunday School teacher and ministry leader for many, many years.  I was also a firm believer in the doctrine of the Trinity.  When my adult son first came to me with the truth that the Trinity was not actually in the Bible but had been developed over the first few centuries by the Church fathers, I was shocked and in disbelief.  Since I had been a life long student of the Scriptures I challenged him with numerous verses in an attempt to prove the doctrine.  Much to my dismay, he was able to address each of my arguments from Scripture, often directing me back to the context in which my so called proof texts had been drawn.  Over a period of 1.5 to 2 years I systematically went through each book of the New Testament searching for proof of Jesus’ deity and teaching that the one God was really a three-in-one God, but I searched in vain.  What I found instead was clear and consistent teaching throughout the Old an New Testaments that God is one and that Jesus is the Messiah whom He sent.  I also researched Church history and much to my surprise found that the doctrine of the Trinity did indeed develop over time.  Even more surprising was that there were numerous Trinitarian scholars who admit that the doctrine of “one God in three persons” is not taught in the Bible but developed over time.  Confronted by the truth in Scripture and the historical evidence I abandoned the doctrine and embraced the one God of the Bible.

I am a grateful to many who have helped me in my endeavor to learn more abut GOD.  Many well-intended people taught me what they knew, primarily traditional Christian religion.  Several years ago someone else helped me see that the religion about Jesus is not the religion of Jesus. If Jesus prays to GOD, was raised from the dead by GOD, fellowships eternally with GOD, and serves GOD forever in a coming kingdom, then I want his GOD and his religion.  

A small capsule of Jesus’ religion is found in a dialogue in Mark 12:28-34.  Jesus, the worshipper of GOD, is speaking with a scribe who endeavors to be a worshipper as well.  They are both seeking to distill down the thousands of years of GOD revealing himself to man with the goal of worshipping GOD correctly.  If you ever wanted to get just the bare essentials, they do a good job in this conversation.  No parables, no need for expert interpretation, just simple words and simple truth in only six verses.

Jesus begins with GOD being one and only one – not a plurality in persons.  Furthermore, he stresses that if we are to worship GOD, we must use everything within our being, including our mind.  Nothing in this passage is too difficult for the mind to grasp.  No mystery here.  Constant learning and practice will be required, but the tenants of Jesus religion are profoundly simple. The scribe affirms Jesus’ statements from his own independent study of Scripture – something we should all endeavor to do.  Note that Jesus commends him for the summary of his studies.

If the scribe could grasp these truths then we can, too.  Study just two verses where the scribe outlines his summary.  First, the scribe addresses Jesus as a good teacher and guide but not God. Next, he affirms that GOD is one and adds for emphasis that there is no other.  No other entity nor trinity, and not Jesus.  He reiterates all of what Jesus said that the worship of GOD will take everything we have, including loving GOD’s other children and obedience to GOD’s instructions. This invites further study and deeper understanding, but to offer any other core tenants is not really the religion of Jesus. 

Since coming to this understanding, my study has found greater clarity and more depth. My affection for Jesus has grown and my worship of GOD has been enhanced.  No longer does my conscious and subconscious mind struggle with the many contradictions that result from a traditional interpretation of the Bible.  We can simply let Scripture speak for itself, and in doing so we find amazing harmony and consistency throughout GOD’s revelation. 

This site endeavors to know the One GOD and the worship that is worthy of Him – loving him with all our heart and all our understanding – just like Jesus and the Scribe.  I began by saying that I am indebted to the many who helped me move forward in my journey, and I include the contents of this site.  I am confident that this site will help you as it has helped me.  Until we all reach the unity of the faith, let us consider the truths found here.

I was a confirmed Trinitarian until four years ago.  In truth , I had never questioned this belief.  When a trusted friend brought up the subject I was confused.  I knew she had researched the subject, so I felt there might be truth in what she said.  Still, having believed this since childhood, I resisted, quoting scriptures I believed sealed the matter.  She persisted and explained that the scriptures I quoted were in most cases “translator’s bias.”  I was intrigued and began studying the subject for myself.  I discovered that scriptures I relied on, in some cases, didn’t REALLY say that at all! I believe EVERY scripture in both old and new Testaments.  What I DON’T believe are changes that have been added over the centuries long after the cannon was closed.